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100 % Recyclable 

with high barrier using Plasma Technology


Plastic packaging has a great potential for recycling. However, for packaging with barrier properties, recyclability remains a challenge. We have created a new game-changing plasma-based coating that creates a super-strong barrier on plastic packaging containers and is 100% recyclable. The coating is applied to plastic packaging containers with our innovative coating machines. Our technology has the potential to replace non-recyclable barrier solutions and enable a fully circular economy in the packaging industry.

With our IonKraft barrier coating system, we can make millions of plastic containers recyclable every year.

The IonKraft coating technology


We apply our IonKraft coating to the plastic substrate with a plasma-enhanced vapor deposition process. The coating consists of a mixture of silicon-organic and silicon oxide layers that resists any chemical attack and delivers a very effective diffusion barrier for any gases or liquids. Applied to the inside of a mono-material container, it creates a barrier as strong as in multi-material systems with barrier plastics such as Polyamide or EVOH. But since the coating thickness is only a few nanometers thick, the packaging container remains fully recyclable.

Our coating enables various new applications and use cases


Replace Multi-Layers

Non-recyclable multi-material containers can be replaced with ultra-thin coated mono-materials.


Replace Fluorination

Fluorination is used to create barrier properties. But a ban on fluor is imminent. Our coating is the best alternative.


Enable Recyclate

The coating protects the filled goods so that non-food grade recyclate can be used in food applications.

Application to various industries and types of containers

About us

We are a young Spin-Off of the RWTH Aachen University. Our mission is to make plastic packaging recyclable with the help of plasma coating technology.

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