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Plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition

The Coating Technology

We use plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition (PECVD) to apply our coatings on plastics. During PECVD, gaseous monomers are excited with other process gases at low pressure by electromagnetic radiation to the plasma state. The monomers are fragmented, and recombination processes occur. From this plasma, a layer is deposited onto a substrate in a process known as plasma polymerization. The properties of the resulting coating depend to a large extent on the reactor and the process parameters. Under certain process conditions, transparent and high-density silicon oxide gas barrier (SiOx) layers can be produced. We have further developed this method of PECVD to create a new coating system with unique properties.

  • Gas barrier equal to multilayer with EVOH
  • Solvent barrier equal to fluorination
  • 100% recyclable

Proven recyclability of the IonKraft coating

The IonKraft coating is chemically bonded to the inner surface of the packaging. It is non-reactive and chemically inert. The EFSA and the FDA have approved the coating for food contact applications. The coating can be applied to all common packaging plastics like PET or PE-HD. Given that the layer is less than 100 nm thin, the volumetric weight on a standard packaging container is negligible. It, therefore, does not influence the conventional mechanical recycling process of the packaging. Recyclability has been approved by the Association of Plastic Recyclers and many European institutions, which assess recyclability.

Flexible and adaptable coating machines

Scalable production volume through modular reactor design

Full quality control through online process monitoring

Applicable to various packaging types and designs

Our coating enables various new applications and use cases


Replace Multi-Layers

Non-recyclable multi-material containers can be replaced with ultra-thin coated mono-materials.


Replace Fluorination

Fluorination is used to create barrier properties. But a ban on fluor is imminent. Our coating is the best alternative.


Enable Recyclate

The coating protects the filled goods from contaminants so that non-food grade recyclate can be used in food applications.

Application to various industries and types of containers